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Pine Oaks Village Homes Services

Pine Oaks Village Homes is a non-profit organization providing seniors mixed income housing in a campus style setting

  • To provide rental housing and related facilities and services to qualified persons as specified and approved by the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, The Farmers Home Administration or any other governmental agency which provides funding for housing sponsored by MCCH, Inc.
  • To receive, purchase, hold, exchange, mortgage, improve, construct, manage, transfer, lease, sell and convey real and personal property. To obtain loans and/or mortgage insurance from agencies of the Government of the United States, or otherwise, and to sign agreements and issue evidence of indebtedness securing the same.
  • To do any and all other action and or convenient to carry out these purposes, or any of them, and so far, as necessary or expedient to any of the foregoing purposes to acquire and hold title to real estate.
  • To enter into General and Limited Partnership with other parties and entities in order to accomplish its other purposes.
  • To provide affordable, safe and comfortable housing for Seniors, 62 and older with rents based on level of income.

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