Now Introducing Pine Oaks Village IV


How many units will the community be adding?

We are currently planning to construct a total of 288 rental units by the community’s completion. Additionally, we are reserving some land for home ownership opportunities.

What types of units will be built?

Pine Oaks Village Harwich will include 1- 2- and 3-bedroom units, offering opportunities for individuals and families. Handicap accessible units will be included.

How many are designated “affordable”?

The long-term vision is that by adding homes that are affordable to Harwich residents, we can keep young families in our communities, allow seniors to age in place, grow and retain a workforce needed to sustain our businesses, and benefit our community as a whole for generations to come.

Occupancy will be restricted to households with incomes below certain levels, tied to set percentages of the Area Medium Income (AMI) as determined by the US Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) each year. We’re planning that approximately 52% of our apartment homes will be restricted to households in the range of 50% – 60% of AMI. About 14% of the apartments will be available to those who earn much less, and some will be reserved for persons with disabilities. We will also offer 34% of “Workforce” housing, which falls in the range of 60% to 120% of AMI. This represents a significant portion of our municipal employees, healthcare workers, employees of local businesses and others. Please refer to the HUD charts on AMI and rental rates.

The rental rates in the 120% AMI category seem very high.
HUD sets the maximum rental for each AMI category. However, the local average market rate for the size of the apartment may be lower. Pine Oaks will adjust the rent to the average market rate as necessary.

Why do we need affordable housing?

Many people cannot afford the high cost to rent or buy on the Cape. As a result, we’re losing essential workers and residents who have grown up and lived here most of their lives.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires 10% Affordable Housing in each town. By this measure, Harwich should be at 658 units (10%) but is currently at 328 units or 4.98%. Pine Oaks Village Homes wants to help the Town of Harwich meet their housing goal, and in doing so help ensure that off-Cape 40B developers don’t take advantage of this opportunity to profit at the expense of sustainable, community-oriented growth.

Where will residents be moving from?

In the first round of tenant applications, Pine Oaks Village can provide a local preference for up to 70% of all units for individuals and families who live or work in Harwich. Additionally, any families that have students enrolled in the Monomoy School System will likely be eligible.

Who serves on the board overseeing this community?

The Pine Oaks Village Homes board is entirely volunteer, and most members are full-time residents or business owners in Harwich.

Who will oversee and manage the property once completed?

As with all three existing Pine Oaks Village locations, there will be on-site management by a professional property management company.

This plan includes ongoing building maintenance, grounds care, and management to uphold the sense of pride in the community and safety for all residents.

What impact will this community have on parking and traffic?

Plans include both on-site road parking and parking lots based it on 1.5 cars per unit.

We have conducted a traffic study to look at both Queen Anne Road and Main Street. Results can be found here. We anticipate the public entrance and exit to the property will be located on Queen Anne Road, with emergency vehicle access on Main Street. The final determination will be made by the Town of Harwich.

Will there be public transportation?

We have already had discussions with Cape Cod Regional Transportation Authority, and they have expressed an interest in a new Flex Bus route that will travel Queen Anne Road.

How will this influx of residents impact our public schools?

For the initial rentals, the Local Preference favors families that are already in the Monomoy School System. The expected increase would be minimal. Long term, with enrollment in the Monomoy District declining 5.2% over the past five years, we will help stabilize the enrollment at a healthy level.

What will be the environmental impact of the community?

We are “Pine Oaks” after all. Our commitment to the residents is that we will make as little disruption to this property as possible and create a community with an abundance of usable green space, trees, and natural surroundings. We will preserve the natural landscape and wetlands on the property. Our wildlife scientists will prepare a wildlife protection plan with clear procedures for the contractors that will be incorporated into the construction documents.

We intend to achieve “Passive House” standards by design. Buildings will be super-insulated, we will not use carbon-based fuels (oil or gas), and heating and cooling will be by high-efficiency electric heat pumps.

What wastewater infrastructure will be included in the community?

The community includes its own wastewater and sewage treatment facility on-site, including nitrogen extraction.

What efforts are being made to foster a sense of community?

We will have a Community Center with rooms that can be used for family gatherings, green space for picnics and activities, and walking paths. The community center will have an onsite fitness center. We will also have a full-time Resident Services Coordinator who will coordinate village activities and can make referrals to available resources and agencies.

Will there be onsite childcare?

Land has been earmarked for a sub-contracted daycare and pre-school.

Will this community always include affordable units?

Yes, Pine Oaks Village Homes’ mission has always been to supply housing with below market rents.

When will this community begin construction?

Construction on Phase A will begin in 2025. The remaining 5 phases will follow as they are funded.

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